Reasons To Eat Natural And Organic

If you ask 10 different nutritionist how to eat healthy and stay in shape chances are your going to get 10 different answers. So let’s keep it simple, stay away from all fast food, overly processed, sodium packed, ready to go in a minute foods. Any kind of food you can warm up in the microwave in 3 minutes or open in a can is not real food, it’s been jam packed with salts and sodium to preserve the life of the product. By doing that all the corn and peas and green beans you bought in a can thinking that you were feeding your family vitamin and nutrient rich food, only to be fooled into to buying and feeding them empty calories. These days it seems like everything thing is artificial, the make up women put on, hair straightening and Brazilian hair treatments, what happened the all natural, I’m sure there is plenty of hair straightening treatments out there that can done by natural products.


The food companies definitely do not make it simple and I can guarantee you there is a ton of legal loopholes state on the label, although where makers can add the merchandise and specific ingredients and compounds the product does not contain those ingredients at all? It really is ridiculous!

What’s Hiding In Your Kitchen

As you read on you will come to recognize why more and more individuals are beginning to eat unprocessed foods that are wholesome and fresh to avert these fixings that are disgraceful. Below I Have summarized just a few shocking and dangerous ingredients concealed in your foods which you should be conscious of.

1. AntiFreeze

Yes you read right, it is called propylene glycol, also called propane- diol – 1,2 or . E1520 It is a substance that has many industrial uses such as for instance Corexit, which will be an oil dispersant. It is additionally used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical drugs, right through to many ice creams.

Fortunately for the people in the European Union, propylene glycol has not been cleared by them as food level merchandise or a food additive. My guidance, cease have products that have this substance and make your own ice cream.

2. Arsenic

The unfortunate thing relating to this element that is noxious is that it appears to keep showing up in our food supplies. It is in everything from rice and breakfast cereals, through to your drinking water and fruit juice. Occasionally at amounts up to 2 – 3 times what’s considered safe. Yes, you read that right as well… those high-priced protein powders that lots of people squander their cash on have now been demonstrated to comprise this toxic element amongst others.

To prevent this toxin, get a high quality water filter for the house and drink beer or wine that is certainly unfiltered.

3. Anal Glands

This secretion can be used to indicate the beaver’s land and is called castoreum. It is additionally used to flavor many beverages like protein and meal replacement drinks. You’ll usually discover that it’s tagged as “Natural Flavoring”.

4. Rodent Hair

Would you enjoy some hair that is rodent ? I am certain this is something which you normally rather not sprinkle on your eggs in the morning. This will certainly keep me away from processed foods for a long time, possibly forever.

Other dyes are artificial options like: #2 that is red and red #40. These are derived from oil production. My advice, keep this garbage from the body just as much as possible. Anything thing with food dye in there and any kind of number is more than likely rodent hair or anal glands.

We look to wonder why that even though we’re more technologically sophisticated than some other time in history, individuals may also be diseased and more sickly than ever, could it be all the fast food and over processed throw it in the microwave because we need now food in our mouths for the last 40-50 years.

To me it is as simple as day, it’s things that I’ve mentioned and the thousands of preservatives, flavors, colors and other food additives our leaders enable manufacturing companies to add to the foods people eat that’s helping to cause sickness world wide, it’s time to make a change, let’s make a change for our children, our future.